Sunday, May 19, 2013

It Feels Like I'm Standing On A Stage In The Buff!!!!


I'm buzzing with nervous, giddy energy! While randomly searching for my debut novel, Sebastian Falls, on Amazon, I about fell over! The day I've dreamed about is finally here. Though my official release date isn't until June 1st, advance paperback copies are available for purchase.

With all the excitement, comes a hint of fear, but it's a healthy kind of terror, lol. That old monster, doubt, tries to shake me, but whenever the negative thoughts hit, I push them to the back of my mind. Hope outweighs all my emotions as I look forward to the endless possibilities that come with achieving a dream.

Even though it feels like I'm standing on a stage in the buff, I'm waving my arms in the air and yelling, "Whoopi!!!!" So, I suppose I should post my blurb and get on with the show. If any of you are interested in participating in the Sebastian Falls' blog tour, click on the link below. 
Also, a limited number of copies are available for early reviews. If you're interested in reviewing Sebastian Falls, please click on this link

A year after her parents’ death, seventeen-year-old, Meadow Parker is close to having a grave of her own.
Beyond her shrink’s false diagnosis of PTSD, there’s no medical reason for her failing health. Only she knows the cause. But if Meadow told the truth—told them what comes for her at night—they’d lock her in a padded cell.
Grasping to help her find closure, Meadow’s best friend, Casey Somner, drags her to the place her parents were obsessed with—the historical landmark that fuels Meadow’s fears and nightmares.
Once Meadow steps foot on the hallowed ground, she has a supernatural encounter that leaves her stricken with terror, but charged with power, fulfilling the legendary prophesy about the coming of The Keeper.
Both the holy and the unholy have waited over a hundred years for a new Keeper to resurface. Like it or not, Meadow’s destiny as Keeper is sealed, and the battle for her soul begins. A sharp double-edged sword, she will either save the world from Armageddon or fast track its annihilation.

Click the link above to check out Sebastian Falls. Until next time, happy writing or whatever makes you smile. :)


  1. Congrats. Can't wait to read this. :)

  2. Wow congrats!! That's awesome and so is that cover...I really dig it.

    Looking forward to reading it, as well :)

    1. Thanks, Mark! I'm glad you like the cover. I hope it catches a lot of eyes. :)

    2. Congratulations! It sounds like a great read.

    3. Thanks, Suzanne! I hope it is, lol! :)

  3. A great big congratulations! How very exciting!!

  4. Eeeeee!!!!! Amazing, Celeste!!!!!!


  5. Congrats! It's so exciting having a book coming out!!!

  6. i love everything about it...and of course you!! hello buttercup!!

  7. Best of luck Celeste!! I am so happy for you. Looking forward to the release date and can't wait to read this.