Sunday, December 9, 2012

Drum Roll Please

No, seriously, peeps, I NEED A DRUM ROLL! Bet you're wondering if I won the lottery. Or maybe you think I made an amazing discovery, like how to breathe underwater without scuba gear. Nope, but I do have some AWESOME NEWS!!!!

Okay, settle down! Stop the drum roll. I need total silence. This girl, this one right here, behind the computer screen has signed with WORLD CASTLE PUBLISHING! I can now put the title, AUTHOR, before or after my name, which ever I choose because that's what I am! Squeal!!!! Booty dance!!!! High five!!!! Whew, okay, enough of that. I'm out of breath. Anywho, I just wanted to share the good news with you guys and show you all my amazing book cover. When I get a release date, I'll have fun contests to give away copies of SEBASTIAN FALLS.

In true me fashion, this is a short post, but I would like to encourage anyone reading this, who's chasing a dream, not to give up! Keep going! If a girl from Podunk AR can see her dreams come to pass then anyone can. The quickest and only way to fail is giving up. All right, I'm out. Until the next time, happy writing to my writing peeps and happy reading to my reading peeps! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

Hey, Peeps!

While out shopping this weekend, I noticed a lot of hostile people, which is totally crazy. Where the heck do they get off being so nasty? I mean it was only Dec. 1st, so they had no right to act like a bunch of elephants on crack! That right only comes for us last minute Christmas Eve shoppers! Then, the gloves come off, and we do whatever necessary to score the amazing gift we're too stupid to purchase before the brutal masses emerge.

Anywho, I'm not sure why people were in such a tizz this past weekend, but after a lady rammed me in the perfume isle at TJ Max,  I stood back and observed all the body language going on. The outing ended up being a perfect way to collect character traits for my WIP. So, the next time I go out, (and I will, but with pepper spray) I plan on taking a note pad and pen. I will embrace all the grinches out there and thank them for their help in creating hostile characters. And I vow not to use the pepper spray, unless totally necessary to complete my little princess' Christmas wish list. So, if you see me on the news, don't judge. Just bail me out of jail, and we can people watch together.

Until the next time, happy writing, friends!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Digging In Frozen Dirt With A Broke Shovel

Hello, Friends!
For some of you out there in cyber land, the title of today’s post makes perfect sense, right?  This is how I’ve been feeling lately. So what do I do? I find the duct tape! That’s what I do. Then I tape up my shovel and wait for the ground to thaw. Once it softens up, I start digging again. But just as cruel as the first frost is to flowers, so is fate to the weary digger. The second I think I’m making real progress, I hit a rock and break the handle on my shovel again.

Now, a lot of you may be reading this, wondering if I’ve lost my mind. Of course I have. A long time ago, but that’s not the point. What I’m really talking about, is my journey toward publication. I’ve had highs, lows, and too many rewrites to count, but something keeps me from giving up. In the end, I hope I’m not standing with a broken shovel. Only time will tell the outcome of my efforts. No matter what, I can smile, knowing I gutted it out and pursued my dream, and there isn’t an agent, editor, or publishing house, who can take that away from me.

If anyone else knows what I’m talking about, please comment and share your feelings. And if the ground isn’t thawing quickly enough, break out the blow torch! Until the next time, happy writing, friends! J

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Author, Elizabeth Seckman is in da house!

Funny how quickly you ran here….I’d say tsk, tsk…but I’m too happy to see you!
And so is Celeste.

Say hi Celeste!! 
Hello, Friends!

Today, my dear friend, (the awesome author) Elizabeth Seckman is showing me some guest blogger love! I don't use the word "awesome" loosely, so feel free to cheer, applaud, or dance around in your underwear. Just don't send us any pictures! This isn't that kind of a blog! :P Okay, let's get back down to business and give the screen back to Elizabeth. :P 

Celeste is my very best writer buddy. She’s my CP, my shoulder to cry on, and my cheerleader. I have bugged her and bugged her to join us in this virtual workshop/support group...and she finally, finally has!

She’s here!!

A blogging virgin, all shiny and new.  I’m sure she’s excited (yay new friends!) and nervous (crap, this all looks Greek!)

I’ve already advised Celeste…NO CATPCHA!!

Y’all* can  thank me in the comments…and while you’re there…give the lady a bit of advice to guide her in her adventure in the blogosphere!!

I said I had an announcement…and I do…and it seems so WRITE to do it here!

You see, when I first wrote “PAST DUE”, I had zero faith in it. But Celeste did. It’s her tenacity that makes saying this even possible~

“PAST DUE” will be free this weekend! I wanted to celebrate the upcoming release of “HEALING SUMMER”, book two in the Coulter Men series. I just put the finishes touches on HS, got the thumbs up from the editor and I. AM. SO. HAPPY. to say it is on its way to the final proofing and then PUBLICATION!!

On November 21st click the magic link and get the book for free. Get PAST DUE free!
*I said Y’all cause Celeste is from Arkansas and I wanted her to feel at home.

Monday, November 19, 2012

I had to do it!


Since I'm a newborn-blogger, I guess I should start by introducing myself. The name's Celeste Holloway, and I decided to join the blogging world because I'm told this is what a writer should do. If you follow this brilliant blog, expect life changing posts that will make all your dreams come true! Not really, but it sounds good, right? For real though, you may get to witness breakdowns, triumphs, and (fingers crossed, head bowed in prayer) a hopeful lady's dreams of publication coming true. Also, I'm a pretty cool friend to have, so gather round and pay attention. This is sure to be entertaining!

Now, I must go think up a brain-blowing post to win over the masses. Until then, I want to give a shout out to an awesome friend, author, and all around great lady, Elizabeth Seckman, who inspired me (twisted my arm) to get this blog up and running. I got mad love for ya, lady! If you guys are wondering who could be so awesome that I would mention her in my first blog, wonder no more. Instead, go check out her blog, ( Use Your Words) and check out her spectacular book on Amazon. (Past Due)