Sunday, November 10, 2013


Hey guys,

So, maybe today's post is a sign of how lacking I am in interesting topics, or maybe it's a testament to my bizarre sense of humor. (which is slightly obnoxious at times)

At any rate, I thought we could all use a few laughs on this fine Sunday, and since I stayed up until 2 in the a.m., writing, I needed a post that required very little thinking, so without further ado, scroll down for a few hilarious YouTube clips.

 Just makes you want to rush out and buy a bottle, right? :D

Here's to good feeling bottoms! :D

No matter how many times I watch this, it's still makes me LOL. :D

And last, but not least, Stuart!!!!!! I have no words for this one. :D

Happy Sunday, and until next time, happy writing or whatever makes you smile. :)


  1. Love you too, Tammy! We must talk soon. :))

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